Mechanical design

At CreaNovation, we have many years of experience in mechanical design. Whether it is for a prototype or for a mechanical assembly, our team will be able to find the solution and deliver everything with finesse and quality. Trust our designers to take on your project, you won't be disappointed!

How we operate

At CreaNovation, we follow a precise structure in order to meet the needs of the client with efficiency and professionalism. Here are the main stages when requesting a mechanical design.

1- Ideation

In order to clarify your need, we start with a consultation with your team to establish the requirements and the challenges of the project. At the end of this step, we have an overall idea in order to find a solution.

2- Design

Following the acceptance of the project, we proceed to the 3D or 2D modeling of the components while respecting the technical constraints established beforehand.

3- Drawing

Once the design is finalized, reviewed and approved by your team. We carry out detail drawings and assembly plans for manufacturing your product.

4- Providers research

If the customer is looking for a key in hand service, we can assist your team in finding suppliers in order to arrive at a simple and effective manufacturing solution.