3D printing

CreaNovation has been offering 3D printing service since its inception. Take advantage of the expertise of our experts to guide you towards a judicious choice in terms of material and manufacturing process.

Our manufacturing processes

FDM - Fused deposition modeling

This process consists of merging, layer by layer, a molten thermoplastic until a 3D dimension part is obtained. The raw material come in a solid filament.
Materials: PLA, ABS, PC, TPE, TPU, Nylon
  • High mechanical resistance

  • Low manufacturing cost

  • Wide choice of materials

  • Possibility of two color printing

  • Precision: +/- 0.2mm

Flashforge: Creator 3

SLA - Stereolithography

In this process, the raw material is thermosetting polymer resin. The 3D model is therefore created by hardening, layer by layer, the resin using a UV laser.
Materials: Standard resin, Rigid, Flexible
  • High level of detail

  • Smooth finish

  • Virtually no finishing required

  • Allows the printing of complex parts

  • Precision: +/-0.05 mm

Formlabs: Form 2